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 Superintendent Comments

It seems as if this school year just started and it is already nearly Christmas break. While the time has
certainly went by quickly, there has been quite a lot of activity in our district.

First of all, we received notification of our 2023 State Assessment results from the Kentucky Department
of Education recently. Corbin Independent Schools received the highest ranking the state has to offer as
a BLUE-rated district overall. Corbin High School, Corbin Middle School, and Corbin Elementary School were
all rated in the highest category as well (BLUE) individually. Corbin Primary was rated as a GREEN school
(the second highest rating). The combination of these individual school scores ranked Corbin
Independent as the #2 district in the entire state among K-12 districts. For more information, refer to
the press release posted on our website ( We are EXTREMELY PROUD of all of our
schools, especially the teachers, support staff, and administrators who give of themselves daily to
help our students achieve their goals.

The test scores are our “Super Bowl” each year, and to my knowledge, this is the highest our district has
ever been ranked. We thank our community for their constant support and the unwavering effort of our
folks who work with our kids daily.

We continue to have multiple locations throughout our district with active construction going on. The
football complex is being finished up with Phase II (visitors locker room, home locker room renovation,
new press box, parking, etc.) set to get underway in the next couple of weeks. When finished, which is
scheduled to be in time for the 2024 season, this will complete one of the best High School football
facilities in the state. Construction on the athletic buildings (Track and Cross-Country, Softball, and
Tennis locker rooms) is substantially underway in the area adjacent to the track at Corbin High School
and is set to be completed in early Spring. The plans for the Auxiliary gymnasium at Corbin High School
are in preparation and this project will begin in late winter/early Spring with an estimated 10-12 month
construction timeline. This project will provide much-needed space for girls/boys basketball, dance,
cheer, and various other activities. I feel compelled to mention that the funds being used in all of these
projects are construction funds only, meaning they are earmarked by the Kentucky Department of
Education only to be used for new construction. With our educational facilities in very good
condition, we are able to make some much-needed additions and improvements to our athletic
programs. Once again, this is all possible because of the historic generosity of our community. Thanks to
them for allowing our kids to experience high quality facilities in the area of their interests.

Lastly, we honored our second and third class of Redhound Hall of Honor inductees during the last
regular season home football game. Bill Hoover, Roger Eaton, Roselle Hanson, and Ed McNeel were
recognized as the second group of inductees with Dr. Carmel Wallace, Diane Mitchell, Joan Foley and
the founding members of the Redhound Varsity Club inducted as the third group being bestowed this
prestigious honor. All inductees received a plaque for themselves as well as having a duplicate plaque
displayed at Corbin High School.

Allow me to again thank everyone involved with our school community. We recognize we are in a good
place right now, but we are also aware there is still work to be done. I believe that is why our district
mission statement, “STRIVING TO BE OUR BEST” describes us so well.

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