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 Superintendent Update

Nov 2022

Corbin Educational Community,

The holiday season is upon us and you can begin to feel winter in the air. The school year is going very well and we certainly have enjoyed more than our share of blessings thus far. State test results have been received in the district and analysis of our performance is ongoing. At first blush, our district did very well. We had two schools score in the BLUE category (the highest possible category), and two schools
score in the GREEN category (next to the highest possible category). Corbin Elementary and Corbin Middle were both “Blue” schools with Corbin Primary and Corbin High School scoring as “Green”. This ranks Corbin in approximately the upper 90th percentile in the state.

Construction is set to begin on the renovation of our football facility with a new concourse including restrooms, concession, and a large standing/viewing area. There will also be approximately 150 seats in the end zone area at the front of the concourse which will provide an extraordinary view of the action. The current playing field will be replaced with artificial turf and a kid’s field (turf also) on the post office end of the property. New parking areas, improvements to both press boxes, and new resurfacing throughout the facility will also be a part of the renovation.
In response to the growing problem of vaping in schools, we delivered the following letter to businesses in the Corbin area that sell these products. We need their help in keeping our children safe. This is not an indictment of anyone or any particular type of commerce, but there is far too much access to these types of products among our students. We need to work together to prevent this.


























Corbin Board of Education,
Tom Greer – Safety Director,
Dave Cox – Superintendent, Corbin Independent Schools.

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