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Since 2014, our district has used the Edulink system as a calling notification system.


All phone numbers and email addresses added to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal will automatically receive notifications regarding school closings, announcements, and emergency situations.

To receive notifications from Edulink, update your
contact information on your
​Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

To change your main household phone number:

1. Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal

2. Click "Household Information"

3. Click "Update" under Household Phone Number

4. Enter the number in the space provided

5. Click "Send Update"

To update your Family members:

1. Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal

2. Click "Family Members"

3. Click "Update" under each family member listed to edit their phone number and email information

4. Enter information in the spaces provided

5. Click "Send Update"

Important Notes:

  • If you do not have access to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, contact your

  • Any number listed under the cell phone option will receive text messages as well

      child's school to gain            access to phone calls.          There is no option to.               receive only text                     messages

  • We encourage parents NOT to remove phone numbers from Infinite Campus in case of an emergency involving your child. If you would like to leave your number in Infinite Campus but not receive Edulink notifications, please contact your child's school with the number you would like blocked from the Edulink system

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