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About CMS

Corbin Middle School is a true middle school with an emphasis on teaming. Our Advisory Program is the key component of our middle school concept. We embrace this concept by committing to meet the educational and developmental needs of our young adolescents. Our Exploratory Classes allow students to choose their areas of interest from 28+ different offerings in Arts & Humanities, Practical Living, and Career Studies.

Corbin Middle School strives to be the best it can be. Our school is most proud of the academic success we have sustained for several years. Each year, we strive for our students to be the best possible and obtain the skills necessary to achieve high levels of excellence in their future.

Weighted Scale

A = 5.0

B = 4.0

C = 2.5

D = 1.0

F = 0.0

Unweighted Scale

A = 4.0

B = 3.0

C = 2.0

D = 1.0

F = 0.0

Our Grading System

The class schedule for Corbin Middle School is set in nine-week intervals. Four 9-week intervals make up the school year. Furthermore, class grades are reported at the end of each 9-week interval.

The following standards for grading are prescribed:


A = 90 - 100

B = 80 - 89

C = 70 - 79

D = 60 - 69

F = less than 60

Students are assigned a final grade at the completion of the course.

Our Mission

Corbin Middle School Council and Staff believe that all students can learn and that all students will learn. We believe that all students can achieve mastery regardless of family background, socio-economic status, race, and/or gender.

We believe our school's purpose is to educate all students to a high level of academic performance while fostering growth in social-emotional behavior and attitudes, thus enabling all students to achieve mastery of skills necessary to become effective members of society

Our Class Offerings

Special Programs

Algebra I, Geometry, Choir, Gateway to Technology, Fitness Essentials, Individual & Team Sports, Health, Drama, Dance, Current Events, Creative Writing, Piano, 2-D Art, 3-D Art, Drawing, Advanced Art, Band, Spanish, Principles of Design, Computers, Digital Literacy, Digital Photography, First Aid & Safety, History of Rock & Roll I & II, Study Skills, Intro to Media, Yearbook, RTI Math & Reading.

Extra Help

ESS Tutoring (Extended School Services) is offered in core classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15-4:20 PM with transportation provided. The CMS Library is open for assistance on Monday-Friday starting at 7:30 AM.