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Corbin Schools
Redhound Enrichment:
The Redhound Enrichment Program is an after school and summer program. The program provides daily tutoring, academic reinforcement, and enrichment opportunities for students until 5:30 p.m. The program is offered to students in grades K - 12. The summer learning program is recognized as a NATIONAL leader at the forefront of summer learning.
Contact - Tammy Lacefield - or 606-523-3612

Family Resource/Youth Services Center:
The Family Resource and Youth Services Centers provide a multitude of services to assist students and families. Character education programs are provided through the Family Resource and Youth Services Center programs, along with health programs and even career exploration with middle and high school students. The goal of the Family Resource and Youth Service Centers is to meet the needs of all children and their families who reside in the community or neighborhood served by the school in which the center is located. The Family Resource Center is located at Corbin Primary and Corbin Elementary. There are Youth Services Centers located at Corbin Intermediate School, Corbin Middle School and Corbin High School.
Website -
• Family Resource Center, Corbin Primary and Corbin Elementary Contact - 606-523-3638
• Youth Services Center, Corbin Intermediate and Corbin Middle Contact - Jerikay Wynn - or 606-523-3619
• Youth Services Center, Corbin High Contact - Michelle McDonald - or 606-528-3902

Corbin School Of Innovation:
The Corbin School of Innovation is comprised of three programs to meet the needs of students regardless of grade level, schedule, or location. The programs are Tri-County Even Start, KAPPA School, and Flex. A short description of each program is listed below, detailed information is available on the Corbin School of Innovation website.
Website -

Tri-County Even Start:
The Tri-County Even Start Program provides family literacy services for parents that want to get their GED or high school diploma. This program also provides a service specifically designed for teen parents. Corbin believes that all students deserve an opportunity to obtain a diploma regardless of their personal circumstances.  
Website - 
Contact - Rachel Cima - or 606-689-6629

KAPPA School:
KAPPA is a fully accredited online e-learning school with a very successful curriculum. Whether you are a parent wanting to home school your child or a student wanting to choose your own schedule, KAPPA is your number one choice.
Contact - Rachel Johnson - or 606-312-1906

The Flex Program offers flexible hours making a high school diploma possible for students in almost every type of situation. The program is monitored by a certified teacher who works with each individual student to achieve his or her academic goals.
Contact - Kelly Mackey - or 606-261-2186

The ASPIRE program provides educational services for students in a specialized setting that promotes character education and credit recovery.
Contact - Tom Greer - or 606-523-3637

Home / Hospital Services:
Home / Hospital Services are offered to Corbin students who encounter a situation where he/she is unable to attend school due to medical reasons. The Corbin Independent School District can provide a teacher to visit the home and keep the student on pace with school work.
Website -
Contact - Mark Daniels - or 606-528-1303

Extended School Services (ESS):
The Corbin Independent School District offers Extended School Services two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays till 4:30 p.m. Extended School Services are also be offered Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. till 8:00 a.m. at Corbin High School. In an effort to target academic needs, students will be referred to ESS by their classroom teachers.

Food Services:
The Food Service Program strives to provide nutritious meals for students in a clean, attractive environment. Encouraging good eating habits and an understanding of good nutrition are important to the development of all students.
Website (includes breakfast and lunch menus for all schools) -
Contact - Janie Keith - or 606-528-1303

The Corbin School District offers an online database to search for Library books currently available at each Corbin School.
To access the database - Click Here

School Based Enterprises:
Corbin High School offers school-based enterprises operated by Corbin Schools and employed by Corbin students. Corbin School Based Enterprises include: Redhound Productions, Vision Designs, Redhound TV, Redhound Radio, and Redhound Cafe. Redhound Productions offers videotaping for events, along with a vast array of other services. Vision Designs specializes in supplying invitations, business images, posters, brochures, menus and other print items. Redhound TV and Radio features Corbin High School students and is on the air 24/7. Redhound Cafe is located at Corbin High School, open after school hours til 5:30 p.m., and employs Corbin students.
• Redhound Radio Contact - Kelly Allen - or 606-528-4067
• Redhound TV Contact - Kelly Allen - or 606-528-4067
• Corbin Print Shop/Vision Designs Contact - Susie Hart - or 606-261-7739
• Redhound Productions Contact - Kelly Allen - or 606-528-4067
• Redhound Café Contact - 606-528-4067

Redhound Theatre:
The Redhound Theater program provides award-winning stage shows for students and the community.Corbin High School is recognized state wide as a leader in drama. Students from Corbin High as well as the middle and intermediate schools participate in three major theatre productions each year. All Theatre Productions are held at The Corbin High School Betty Hamilton Center for the Arts.
Website -
Contact - Rebecca Liford-Hibbard - or 606-528-3902

The Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, policy allows students to bring their own technology devices to school for use in the classroom under limited conditions. The technology items may be used for educational purposes in classes throughout the day.

Remediation Programs:
The Corbin District School uses several research based strategies to enhance learning for both struggling learners as well as those achieving at a high level. Students are afforded opportunities to work at their own pace with these programs while being guided and monitored by content-specific staff. Reading Recovery is a remediation program implemented at our Primary school. The program was recently recognized as the most effective team in our region based on current data. Corbin High School incorporates credit recovery and drop-out recovery programs in the high school environment. These remediation programs focus on a specific population of students who have unique needs.

RTI (Response To Intervention):
The Corbin School District has implemented an effective RTI program throughout the district using multiple universal screeners including MAP (Measures of Academic Progress), Common Assessments, Read 180, and Scholastic Reading Inventory. This process was developed and implemented by an RTI committee of a least fifteen people representing all schools and levels of participation.

Gifted and Talented:
The Corbin School District offers a variety of acceleration and enrichment offerings for students meeting state requirements to receive gifted and talented services and for those who are also identified as high potential in general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, visual and performing arts, creativity, and leadership.
Contact - Tammy Lacefield - or 606-523-3612

​Arts, Humanities, and Practical Living: 
The Corbin School District has more than 50 arts, humanities, and practical living offerings. The district has expanded these programs to be more performance-based while still teaching the core content in these areas. Corbin believes increased participation in these programs enhances the other content areas and helps to provide students of Southeastern Kentucky exposure to the arts.

Academic Teams:
The Corbin School District offers a variety of academic teams and academic clubs to grades 3 - 12, including: Governors Cup, Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind, History Bowl, Math Counts, Kentucky Youth Assembly, Kentucky United Nations Assembly, Debate Club, and many more.

Project Fit America (PFA):
PFA is a grant received by Corbin Intermediate and Corbin Middle Schools. The grant provides a researched-based physical fitness program to help promote a healthy lifestyle for students. The grant is a partnership between Corbin School and Baptist Health Corbin.

PLTW / Gateway to Technology:
Corbin High School offers PLTW, Project Lead The Way, which is a National Program to address the shortage of engineers. Gateway to technology classes are offered at Corbin Middle School as a precursor to the PLTW program. The programs offer Pre-engineering courses including: Digital Electronics, Engineering Design and Development, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace and Biomedical. Students can earn college credit at universities such as UK, Purdue, or other certified engineering schools.
Contact - Chris Smith - or 606-528-5338

AP and Dual Credit Offerings:
Corbin High School offers dual credit college courses through The University of the Cumberlands. The dual credit program gives students the opportunity to earn up to 34 college hours in U.S. History, English Composition, Chemistry, College Algebra, Criminal Justice, Basic Psychology, World Civilization, and Political Science. Corbin High School also participates in the EKU Now program offering students the opportunity to take college courses at the Eastern Kentucky University Corbin Campus. Corbin High School offers ten AP classes - AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP US History, AP Government, and AP Physics. All Corbin AP teachers have attended AP training in their specific content area. 
Contact - The CHS Guidance Office - (606) 528-3902 
For more information about Dual Credit: Click Here

Area Technology Center:
The Corbin Area Technology Center is located on the campus of Corbin High School and houses programs such as Electricity, Drafting/PLTW, Areospace, Welding, Information technology, Automotive technology, Health science, and EMT/Fire. Many of these programs can offer college credits or occupation certification.
Contact - Chris Smith - or 606-528-5338

Work Ethic Seal Program:
The Corbin School District has partnered with the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Williamsburg Independent Schools to implement a Work Ethic Seal Program. Students are introduced to the three-year program as 10th graders in a Practical Living Class and proceed through job training classes taught by community business leaders as 11th and 12th grade students. Topics such as resumes, job interviews, punctuality, attendance, etc. are covered with “real world” emphasis. Students earn scholarship money as well as recognition in this program.

Corbin High School is piloting a new performance art school MAPCA, Mountain Academy of Performing and Classical Arts. This is a school which allows students to broaden their knowledge in the arts while providing them with private instruction and opportunities to perform both individually and as a group. The pilot program is being offered in theatre, vocal music, and instrumental music. There are plans to add visual arts, media, and dance to the MAPCA curriculum.

*The Corbin School District offers a wide variety of Athletics, Clubs, and Activities at each school. These can be viewed by visiting the individual school websites, for a list of school websites - click here
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